Enviroment Policies

Green Print

Printing is cleaner today with the use of less toxic chemicals and the comprehensive recycling of waste.

At Impact Print we aim to achieve the highest industry standards by implementing the following policies:

  • We use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.
  • Our paper is all FSC registered, supplied by FSC accredited suppliers and is from guaranteed sustainable sources.
  • Our aluminium plates are recycled.
  • All waste paper is recycled.
  • Solar panels generate electricity on our buildings.
  • We purchase our electricity from a renewable energy source.

Carbon Offset

We have offset our carbon footprint by planting trees.

So far we have planted more than 1,000 and continue to plant each year as part of our offset scheme. We have used the Carbon Neutral Company to calculate the requirement of our scheme.

No Sound bite

At Impact Print we take our relationship with the environment seriously but we are also great believers in substance over soundbite.

We believe the combination of our environmental policies and our carbon offset programme places us in the first rank of ‘green’ printers.

Read more about FSC accreditation and certification and the issues raised.

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